HFA ApprovedHalal compliance and certification are awarded when the halal food producer has strictly followed procedures for religious slaughter and further processing as prescribed by Islam in the Qur'an, or Koran, giving Muslims the assurance that they are consuming true halal foods.

One fifth of the worlds population are now Muslem and the manufacture of halal food products, including convenient processed products using chicken, meat, vegetables, fish and seafood, is growing daily, with many governments providing incentives for increased production of halal food.

Many new food processing companies are being set up to tap into the global halal food market and existing companies are undertaking diversification into the production of halal foods, while existing halal food companies are upgrading or expanding their existing plant to cope with the growing demand.

This expansion into new or additional halal food products can be achieved by investing in additional machinery to upgrade existing plant.

Boyd Food Machinery has been working with halal food producers for many years and has gained an excellent reputation for the supply of used food processing equipment for the manufacture of halal food products.

We have supplied Islamic food equipment to countries all around the world including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, UAE, Sudan, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan as well as throughout Europe. Making sure that each halal food factory has the correct food processing suitable for the manufacture of halal foods.

Whether you are producing halal burgers or processing halal meat, halal poultry, halal fish, halal seafood, halal beef, halal lamb or halal goat meat, please contact us for information on the further processing machinery available or alternatively click the link below to view our current stock of used equipment.